About Us

YOGURT Culture Zine is a quarterly artist collective zine. Each issue is made possible by artists who submit their paintings, drawings, poems, short stories, etc. so we REALLY appreciate all those who submit their work to be published, and we strive to produce a zine that allows other zine lovers to discover new art and new ideas.

Our shop is under construction, but if you're interested in purchasing individual zines, email us at yogurtculturezine@gmail.com, or check out our Instagram!

Looking to Submit?

Want to get your art or writing published? Read the info below, then shoot us an email at yogurtculturezine@gmail.com.

What We Want

Any art that expresses something new, meaningful, heartfelt, charming, light-hearted, and cultural! Please keep images to 300dpi JPG scans - photographs are tough to work with! Each page is 6.1 inches by 8.6 inches!

Drawing: We're looking for original illustrations (no copyrighted material) of any medium.

Photography: Any film or digital photos that suit each theme! Polaroid edges are LOVED!

Writing: Poems, prose, fiction, and essays are all perfect. Please no more than 3 or 4 small submissions (less than 300 words), and no more than 2 large submissions (max 1800 words).

Do Not's

We don't want to publish violent, sexual, or exploitative content, and no copyrighted material (unless you own the copyright). And please avoid sending preformatted work, such as images with branding or graphics or special fonts superimposed on them. Just text and images is perfect when it comes to formatting our zine! Finally, anything poorly lit or low resolution doesn't print well, but please feel free to email us if you have questions!

Sending Us Submissions

When you have finished work (paintings, writings, photos, etc.) that you're ready to submit for our zine, attach each submission to an email and shoot it off to us at yogurtculturezine@gmail.com.

Keep in Touch!

Did you know? YOGURT Culture Zine publishes a quarterly newsletter that details all information needed to contribute! Click here to sign up!

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